Who We Are

The mantra for overlanding tends to be something along the lines of “the journey is the destination”. But what if it doesn’t have to be? Michigan Overland is all about vehicle dependent and adventure travel, but that’s just the baseline. It’s about experiences, the people you meet, having stories to tell., and getting outdoors and doing what you love whether it’s off-roading, camping, hiking, hunting & fishing, biking, kayaking, or skiing. Michigan Overland is about adventuring in any form, in any season.

Michigan Overland is a community at its heart, but we offer more than just that. The primary goal is to build and grow Michigan’s overlanding community. Along with this, we have also stood up or are in the process of standing up several overland related endeavors. By identifying possible ways to help grow the community, we are developing several pieces to the larger puzzle to help introduce people to overlanding through training, guided tours, routes, and different forms of media.

What We Offer

Regular Content

Reviews, trip reports, and informative articles are what we try to bring to the table on a consistent basis. Everything we write is written for and aimed at those just getting into overlanding. But that does not mean someone who has been overlanding for years can’t gain something from what we have to offer.

Basics Information

Overlanding has seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the past five years. This once small community has ballooned into everyone having their own overlanding thing. Jump on Facebook or Instagram and do a search for overlanding and you’ll end up with hundreds of pages, each with their own unique spin. While each has their own uniqueness, the underlying principle and mindset remains the same. The overlanding basics series is your starting point if you are new to overlanding. If you’re coming from rock crawling or a car camper that wants to expand into something new, this series will help you understand what overlanding is all about.

Organized Trips & Events

We try to run and organize a meetup or trip once a month. These events are open to anyone interested in joining. It does not matter what you drive or your level of knowledge, we encourage everyone to show up. Click the button below to see when our next meetup or event is.