The Wrong Turn is a monthly round-up of stuff we read, thought was pretty cool, and decided to share. This month we have some great articles on preparing for winter, learn tow balls are not to be messed with, and watch a guy talk about surviving a mountain lion attack.

Opinion & Editorial

People make overlanding a good time.

We have our own thoughts on minimalism and overlanding, but here is a good starting point if you’re interested.

Tow balls are dangerous.

Some good info on kayaks.

If you need some good overland trails to travel to, look no further than these ones.

What works good to remove rust on things? Watch this to find out.

A new national park. In Indiana. Who would have thought it!


Some old Toyota news here and here.

Not your typical overlanding vehicle, but cool known the less.

This not available in the US Nissan is pretty cool.

This Land Rover pickup has us drooling.

Amazon invested big in the electric vehicle market this part month.

If you’re interested in building a van for that overland/vanlife, here is a good look into the cost.

A Ford Bronco, a Ford Bronco, and we couldn’t forget a Scout.

On and Off Rig Gear

Hand warmers tested and recommended.

Keep your stuff dry and organized.

An innovative piece of medical technology to add to your FAK.

A shovel built for handling what you throw at it.

If you still enjoy hand writing things, this journal might be for you.

Learn to build a fire with this book.

This is the best thing to happen to sleeping bags.

Upgrade or replace some of your kitchen gear with this multi function item.

We’ve had our eye on one of these for a few years now.

Skills and Preparedness

It’s been a weird winter here in Michigan. Here, here, and here are some advice articles on winter preparation and skills.

Learn to keep yourself safe in and out of the woods.

A good article on what shock is and the types of shock there are.

An odd, but useful skill for telling how long before the sun sets.

Good info on water purification and some of the tools needed for it.

Enjoy winter travel? Read this.

Off Rig Adventure

If you don’t like winter surfing, here are some recommendations for warmer climates.

Start with river fishing, move into kayak fishing.


Want to watch tumbleweeds?

Don’t get stuck. Or at least watch this so you don’t get stuck.

Just some landscape caught with a drone.

This one has been on the news but here the story from the man himself.

We’ve mentioned the Bruder trailer before, but watch it get jumped.

What We Published This Month

Lynxx Chainsaw Review

Places to Go: Beaver Island

Stanley Coffee Press and Mug Review

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