Who We Follow: The Loadout Room

Who We Follow: The Loadout Room

If you’ve not heard of the Hurricane Media, that’s okay. They’re a small media company with a handful of men’s lifestyle brands, one of which you may have heard of, Crate Club. Outside of Crate Club though, they run several fantastic magazine/news style websites. One of which, The Loadout Room, we have been following since its inception.

There are hundreds of businesses, websites, and people who create extraordinary content on the internet. These companies and people show us places we haven’t been, the gear we might find useful, or provide information on how to explore better. The Who We Follow series puts a spotlight on some of the influencers we follow and inspire us to adventure more.

We like magazine style websites that span a variety of topics and do not hold themselves to just one topic. Physical and digital magazines like Tread and Recoil fit the bill nicely. They both blend a good amount of outdoors and overland content with their primary topics. The Loadout Room, while not a physical magazine, also does this very well. In our opinion, almost better than some of their competitors.

Using their diverse background of authors, The Loadout Room, offers everything from gear reviews to gun-related articles to, more recently, men’s lifestyle articles. All of the content is no BS writing that is straight to the point. Something we very much appreciate. They span coverage at events like SHOT show to Overland Expo either in written format or video format.

Recently their team has been putting out more video content on their YouTube channel. Again, the videos are informational, straight to the point, and usually no more than ten minutes in length. They made the trip to Overland Expo East last year and put together three videos highlighting the very wet conditions and some of the vendors who were there.

The Loadout Room has come a long way since its beginnings. They are starting to fill a void that was left by websites like Motus World and magazines like Wheels Afield, both of which still offer good articles to look up. While the content doesn’t lean towards overlanding too much, they still provide plenty of information and gear reviews to make them worth a follow.

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