Who We Follow: Chris Burkard

There is no under abundance of great photographers to follow on social media. You can do a quick search for a photographer and find hundreds upon hundreds, all with a stellar body of work to look through.

In our opinion, none of them hold a candle to the epicness that Chris Burkard brings to the table. He is a self-taught photographer, author, and filmmaker from California who has won numerous awards for the work he’s done.

His client list may be long with recognizable big-name brands, but it’s the scope and beauty of the pictures captured on his adventures that captivates us. With stills from every imaginable corner of the world, he brings to life places some of us only imagine being able to go to.

Whether adventure, landscape, commercial stills, or any one of the videos Mr. Burkard has on his website, he takes you on an epic journey.


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