Places to Go: Tunnel of Trees

It’s hard to pinpoint one great thing about Michigan at any point in time of the year, however, many things could be considered great during each season. The Tunnel of Trees is no exception. One of the great things about a Michigan Fall is the explosion of color throughout the state. From suburban streets to the middle of nowhere, Michigan has an abundance of trees that shed their summer green and bless us with a vibrant spectrum of color. And while one could just drive around locally to see this, there is one particular spot in Michigan that provides an exceptional display.Michigan's Tunnel of Trees

Located between Harbor Springs and Cross Village is a 27-mile route known as the Tunnel of Trees (M-119). The route overlooks a bluff into Lake Michigan and provides travelers with a narrow, almost single lane road to travel on. This isn’t just a route to take in the fall, though. The Tunnel of Trees provides a different perspective in all four seasons. Winter gives way to views of frozen Lake Michigan and summer provides a green, shaded canopy ideal for biking or hiking through. Not to be missed along the route are some interesting stopping locations.

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Nick Howell

Nick is a lifelong Michigan resident, born and raised. He grew up in Bay City and transplanted to the metro Detroit area after college for work. Seeking more woods and outdoors time, he resolved to get out more. In a spark of creativity, he co-founded Michigan Overland with the intent to travel to parts unknown both within Michigan and abroad.

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