The Wrong Turn 31 March 2019

The Wrong Turn is a monthly round-up of stuff we read, thought was pretty cool, and decided to share. This month we wrote a ton of stuff, find out old Power Wagons are killer, and learn about laser-based headlights.

Opinion & Editorial

Some good advice on budgeting and saving for trips.

Let’s make this not just preschools.

Indiana got its first national park. Here is the story behind it.

Like bourbon whiskey? Here are some options for around the fire.

What makes a truck good off road? Read this to get some insight.


We put these Power Wagons first because they are a thing of beauty.

We’re putting these Defenders here because it would be wrong not to include them.

Here is some info on a company that restores Defenders.

A purpose built Discovery with helping understand the spread of disease.

A couple of Fords here and here.

Can’t beat a well-built adventure van.

On and Off Rig Gear

We have no reason to suggest this other than it’s hella cool.

For those really long trips with no rest stops? Sure, why not.

A totally useless Yeti mug that we definitely want to get.

Laser headlights. The next lights before lockers issue.

Hennessy Hammocks make some of the best hammocks money can buy.

Waterproof zippers.

Adventure clothing: pants and jackets.

A ridiculous phone with a ridiculous battery life.

If you ride moto, these mounts might be for you.

If you haven’t cooked food in a pie iron, you’re missing out. Buy this.

Skills and Preparedness

Supposedly the worlds most advanced 72-hour kit.

We may have to make this next time we’re on the trail.

You probably know how to pack your rig, but it can’t hurt to read about other ways.

We run the Rush 24 as a BOB, but the 72 has been on our radar for some time.

Paracord is good for a lot of things.

Off Rig Adventure

Get your fishing game on with a canoe.


Bike packing across continents.

Everything you need to know about backpacking stoves.

Listen and watch Fieldcraft Survival talk about setting up a Ford Raptor.

What We Published This Month

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Nick Howell

Nick is a lifelong Michigan resident, born and raised. He grew up in Bay City and transplanted to the metro Detroit area after college for work. Seeking more woods and outdoors time, he resolved to get out more. In a spark of creativity, he co-founded Michigan Overland with the intent to travel to parts unknown both within Michigan and abroad.

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