The Waterport Portable Shower

the waterport portable shower

Traveling with a significant other or kids might require some comforts from home being brought along, such as a portable shower. The Waterport aims to help in the shower dilemma by adding a pressurized cylinder shaped tank to any rig. Holding 3.3 gallons of water, the tank is pressurized to 50 PSI and offers a steady stream of water through the included nozzle for up to 30 days. The Waterport can be easily filled using a regular garden hose when back at home base or if one is available on the road.

the waterport portable shower
The Waterport Custom Mounted

It can be mounted multiple ways on any rig. A trailer hitch option, bed mount, and frame mount options come with hardware for mounting. Two other options come only with the Waterport and the spout either on the top or side so it can be mounted anywhere.


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