The Gear Box: Tools and Storage

Having the right tools for the job is a saying that can be heard across all walks of life. Adventuring outdoors in a four-wheel drive vehicle means having problems. In this Gear You Deserve we offer up some suggestions for where to start with tools and storage.

The Tools

One of the easiest ways to make sure you have what you need is to buy a premade mechanics tool set. This will likely give you more than you need. Some tools can even be left behind to save space and weight (if necessary). What could be made from it is a basic tool kit that fits to your vehicle and the known problems your rig may present to you.

Craftsman 311 and 413 Piece Tool Sets

Craftsman offers a number of different types of tool kits. Something similar to the 311 and 413 kits offer enough tools to get you going on the trail. Each comes with different ratchet sizes, more than enough sockets, and several different sized combo wrenches.

The Craftsman 413 piece mechanics toolkit is a good start.

Electrical Kit and Special Tools

In addition to the standard tools you will probably want to include an electrical kit. This kit should include everything you need to troubleshoot and repair electrical issues. Include a multi-meter, wire strippers/crimpers, extra fuses, wire in various gauges, and connectors.

Another area to research into is whether your vehicle needs any special tools. Especially if common issues require special tools. These should also be included as part of the overall kit.

Storage Options

While the options for tool kits are plentiful, storage options might not be so readily apparent outside. At the basic level a simple toolbox or tool bag can be used, with tools thrown in with no regard for any organization (gasp!). If you don’t need to carry a huge kit and get by with the basics then a simple tool roll will keep things neatly in place.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tool Bag

Blue Ridge Overland Gear offers a wide variety of bags and gear for the overlander. One of these options is their tool bag that comes as a set of six small pouches and one large carrying case to keep your tools nice and organized. The larger case comes with Molle webbing and velcro on the outside so a tool identifying patch can be put on the outside and the bag can be mounted.

blue ride tool case
Blue Ridge is known for their overlanding related bags and cases, tools are no different.

Pelican 1550 Hard Case

The Pelican 1550 hard case can be used for any number of applications and tools are no different. While inserts can be added to keep things manageable, the case by itself offers superior protection for your tools beyond what a normal toolbox can offer. Pelican offers the waterproof case in 6 different colors and 5 different configurations that include foam padding, padded dividers, TrekPak dividers, no foam, and a design your own application.

pelican hard case
Pelican makes hard cases meant to protect just about anything, including tools.

Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll

The last storage option is a standard tool roll made by Atlas, a company that has been making products for law enforcement, the military, and more for the last 40 years. The Yorktown tool roll is a combination of zippered pouches on one side and tool slots on the other. The whole setup rolls up into a soft carrying case that can be easily stashed in your rig.

tool roll
The Atlas 46 Yorktown tool roll is a good alternative to a hard case.

This is a basic rundown of what you might consider when building a tool kit and deciding how to store it.

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