Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

truck in snow

Winter is an interesting month in Michigan. Parts of the state get consistent winter weather through the season and other parts don’t. Here in the Southeast portion of Michigan, we fall into the inconsistent weather pattern. Unlike our friends on the west side of the state, we may or may not get predicted snow. This […]

The Build Up: Winter Outback

Winter time here in Michigan means there’s lots of snow on the ground in all the right places. Why not go on an epic overlanding winter adventure through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? That’s precisely what we’re going to layout in this Build Up. We all dream of how we want our rig to look, what we […]

OB08: Clothing Selection

Clothing selection will be dependent on where you travel and what time of the year it is. Some of the off rig activities you decide to do will also determine what you bring along. We are going to approach this by looking at four diverse seasons. Each section will provide a brief time frame and […]