Lynxx Chainsaw Review

Lynxx chainsaw

When it comes to gathering wood for a fire, what’s the first thing you grab? An axe? A hand saw? Maybe it’s a high-powered 2 stroke chainsaw fit for a logger. What if I told you there was an option that can process wood as fast as that 2 stroke, but that is no louder than an idling rig. In this review we are going over the Lynxx 40 v Chainsaw ($179.99) from Harbor Freight.


  • 40 v lithium-ion battery
  • 2.5 Ah
  • 60 min charge time
  • Weight 13.35 lbs


  • Chain oiler
  • Chain break that cuts power to motor
  • Tool-less chain tentioner
  • 14 inch Oregon bar and chain

Personal Thoughts

Lets get right into it. This saw is great, but like everything it has its down falls. When it comes to cutting soft and dry wood, this thing is a dream. But if you happen to cut through hard or wet wood, the battery is going to drain faster. This isn’t a problem if you have a power inverter, or a spare battery.

Something that I was a disappointed about is the lack of a proper case. A bar sheath is included, but with out a case that covers the entire saw, space inside the vehicle will be taken up to keep it safe.

I enjoy knowing that anytime I come across a downed tree on the trail, I can hop out of the truck, pop a battery in and take care of it. No tapping into my fuel reserves or fussing with mixing oils. Just pull the trigger and its instant power, that is if you haven’t hit the chain break. And the fact that it uses a Oregon chain and bar, a brand that is found in almost any hardware store, is great for that unexpected break down when you’re far from home.

Despite everything I don’t like about, this saw has become the number one tool I use when overlanding. No matter what I’m doing, where I go, however long I’m gone for, it comes with me. Because you never know what you’ll encounter when out on the trail.

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Brand Spotlight: Triple Aught Design (TAD)

Triple Aught Design Brand Spotlight

No good adventure should be compromised because of gear that doesn’t stand up to what it needs to. Whether it’s gear, clothing, or anything you carry with you, it needs to hold up. Triple Aught Design (TAD) checks the box when it comes to the apparel and gear you take on the road and adventure with.

Early Years

Founded in 1997, but not becoming a company until 2010, TAD has provided exceptional quality apparel in the years since. Their approach to crafting high quality, military grade apparel makes them one of the most sought after companies for adventure apparel that holds up outdoors. Materials are mostly sourced in the states and products are entirely stitched, sewn, and cut all in the United States.

Digital and Physical Presence

Along with an online presence, TAD has two storefront locations in California and Colorado. While the Boulder Outpost, as it’s known, is in an excellent position for product testing, the California HQ location is the launching point. The 4,000 square foot Dogpatch base offers more than enough storefront and real estate to launch new endeavors. One of them, CORE, was started in 2014 as a way to enhance specific skills necessary for adventure and self-protection. Courses are taught over a few days by an expert in the field and give students a skill set that becomes invaluable in certain situations.

The Overlanding Connection

While outdoor adventure has always been a part of the brand, they’ve recently branched out into some overlanding related experiences. With California as a home base, TAD has been able to provide two different types of trips, single day and multi-day events. The overlanding related adventures found them exploring in the deserts of Death Valley and the Sierra Nevadas. Each trip allowed participants to experience overlanding, learn some new skills, and have the chance to see and use new TAD gear in the field.
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