Recycled Firefighter 42L Battlaion Duffle Bag Review

I’ve been carrying the Recycled Firefighter 24 Hour Pack for over a year now as my daily EDC. I also planned on getting the 42L Battalion Duffle and was finally able to recently. Before even getting to use it on a trip, it has far exceeded my expectations.

The bag itself is 11 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 21 inches long. The zipper goes entirely from end to end, something that is not usually found in most duffle bags. It’s a convenient feature that lets you essentially open the bag completely.

Each side has pockets for various things. One side has a full-length pocket that will fit a 15-inch laptop. The other side is divided into three separate pockets: two smaller outside pockets and one larger inside pocket. The inside is a plastic material that is easy to clean out if you decide to throw muddy or dirty items in it.

I’ve had two chances to give this bag a go. The first was a weekend trip to Mio recently. I stuffed the bag full of more than I would need for the weekend, and there was still plenty of room left for more. The second time was during a meetup weekend, and I filled it with just enough clothes for the weekend. I also managed to get a bunch of extra things that would typically go in my EDC bag to fit in.

This bag will easily work for a weekend and week-long trips, and I would definitely recommend picking one up if you need a good bag. A full seven days might be pushing the capacity of what it can hold, especially if you have to pack a lot of bulky clothing, but it will work. If you’re not in the market for a large duffle, Recycled Firefighter has plenty of other options to look into. Hit the link to check them out.

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