Recycled Firefighter 24 Hour Everyday Pack Review

A little less than a year ago, I swapped my 5.11 Messenger bag for something less tactical looking and more normal looking. What I ultimately went with was a Recycled Firefighter 24 Hour Everyday Carry pack.

If you aren’t familiar with Recycled Firefighter, they make packs, wallets, and other soft goods out of old water hoses from fire stations. Hence the name, Recycle Firefighter. Jake Starr, the owner of Recycled Firefighter, was himself a firefighter before switching over to making soft goods. His story is an interesting one, and the honesty provided on failures is good to hear from a business.

The craftsmanship is there, no doubt about it. The 24 Hour EDC pack is probably one of the best bags I think I have owned. It’s not a cheaply made product, and it’s priced right for what it is. With that said, some may think it’s going to be too simplistic. More on that later.

The front of the bag has a full-length zipper that opens to three pockets on the interior. The two small upper pockets work well to hold a phone or a work badge. The lower pocket takes up the bottom half of the front and would work nicely for a small notebook. 

The backside of the front flap contains two mesh pockets that work well for just about anything. I frequently keep my notebook or tablet in the bottom pocket and EDC items I don’t want in my pockets in the top pocket.

The rest of the inside is just wide open usable space. I ended up buying some Molle pouches to carry items that were not going to fit in the mesh pockets or needed to be kept safer than just rolling around.

Like the front flap, the back of the pack has a full length padded area for a laptop or tablet. I have a smaller sized laptop for work that fits perfectly, but it would accommodate something up to 15 inches.

The overall construction of the bag is fantastic. The materials used are of high quality, and it shows. The shoulder straps and carry strap don’t feel like they are straining to hold any weight once you put stuff in the bag. The zippers are huge and in no way, feel cheap. 

The simplistic nature is really what I like, though. I don’t feel like I have to fill every compartment with stuff to carry, which reduces the weight overall. The only real negative here is the open space in the main compartment.

This would be great if I were going to use this for a weekend trip bag, but it’s my everyday carry bag. Recycled Firefighter and Grey Man Tactical both offer inserts. The Recycled Firefighter is a rigid velcro panel, whereas the Grey Man Tactical version is a Molle cut rigid panel.

Honestly, I love this bag and cannot see myself going back to something else. I highly recommend it for everyday usage, whether for work or just to carry stuff around. In fact, I love it so much that I just recently placed an order for a new duffle that will be my go-to pack for weekend trips.

If you need a wallet, pack, belt, or any of the other accessories they make, I highly recommend supporting Recycled Firefighter.

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