Shelter In Place, Bugging Out, and Having A Kit Ready

The mentality of most people who practice some form of preparedness is not “if” the disaster happens but rather “when” it happens. When it happens will you have enough supplies? Do you have the right gear? Do you know when to shelter in place versus having to leave town (bug out)? In this particular article, we’re going to talk about
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What Does Preparedness Mean and Why Is It Important

September is national preparedness month. On the heels of hurricanes Harvey and IRMA we thought we’d run a short series on being prepared. While natural disasters don’t often happen here in Michigan, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the necessary steps to be prepared. Whether it’s an actual disaster event, being stranded, or the loss of power in your home
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Being Ready to Adventure With a Premade Go Box

How often do you finish work on a Friday and think, I just don’t want to go home? Instead, you’d rather just hop on the highway and find some adventure. Having a premade go box and ready items in your vehicle allow this to become a reality. The go box is stocked with everything you might need for an overnight
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