black rocks cliff diving

Places to Go: Black Rocks Cliff Diving and Swimming Hole

If cliff diving is your thing, keep reading. Located just outside of Marquette in the Upper Peninsula, Presque Isle Park is home to one of best swimming spots in the state of Michigan. Black Rocks offer visitors the chance to jump from its fifteen-foot cliffs into the beautiful Lake Superior water. Granted the best time to take advantage of this is during August when the hottest weather tends to grace us with its presence. The park itself is not too big and getting to Black Rocks is a matter of finding a parking spot and hiking to the northeast corner of the park.

When you’re done with Black Rocks, head into Marquette itself and find yourself a seat at the Blackrocks Brewery. Offering a variety of beers from pilsners to stouts, Blackrocks Brewery has just the beverage to help you tell the amazing story of how you concurred Marquette’s preemptive cliff diving spot. Try the Coconut Brown, it’s delicious.

Nick Howell

Nick is a lifelong Michigan resident, born and raised. He grew up in Bay City and transplanted to the metro Detroit area after college for work. Seeking more woods and outdoors time, he resolved to get out more. In a spark of creativity, he co-founded Michigan Overland with the intent to travel to parts unknown both within Michigan and abroad.

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