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XPDN2 Upper Peninsula Adventure Recap via Fresh Coast Offroad

Below is a recap from Aaron Marquis and Paul Wisniewski from Fresh Coast Offroad of the XPDN2 Upper Peninsula Adventure. All included pictures were taken by All-Pro Offroad, Jim Roy, Fresh Coast Offroad, Ken Farley Jr., and Torq Masters. Links are provided for all of the additional companies, restaurants, and stops throughout the article. Make sure to check them all out and give all of the companies a follow or visit. Below is a list of the sponsors who made this trip happen. Please give them a follow! Headline Sponsor Milestar Tires Website | Instagram | Facebook Title Sponsors  Rancho

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Green Sandy Trails: Part 2 From Our Gralying Overnight

Continued from part 1. The saying here in Michigan is to wait 5 minutes and the weather is guaranteed to change. I’m taking some liberties with this but it certainly proved true for Saturday. We couldn’t have asked for a better day to run trails. Sunny, high 70s, with a slight breeze in places. It wasn’t nearly hot enough to run the A/C or be uncomfortable stuck in our truck all day. Other than blasting through puddles we never put the windows up. We were mostly met with green sandy trails to run through all day. An Early Wakeup Tricia

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green sandy trails

Last Minute Planning and Some Trail Running: Part 1 From Our Grayling Overnight

A few weeks back in early July we had our Southwest Michigan meetup at Founders Brewing. I got to meet some new folks and some old folks who I’ve interacted with on the page for a while now. After a number of beers Kyle, Marc, and I started talking about the next meetup and how we should make a weekend of it. After a number of more beers it was decided the next meetup would happen as planned but we’d also get in some trail running and camping. The more I thought about it this is how all of the

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xterra woods

Mud, Blood, and Good Company: A Trip Through Manistee National Forest

The title is slightly misleading but it’s what I remember the most from a recent trip to Manistee National Forest to run trails with some of the guys from our Facebook group and the Overland Bound forums. This trip had been planned earlier in the year to coincide with the Memorial Day long weekend but it ended up happening almost two months later. I don’t think we could have asked for a better weekend in July though. The weather forecast leading up to Friday looked pretty bad. Rain was scheduled for most of Friday and sporadically throughout the weekend. When

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Overlanding YouTube Channels To Watch

YouTube is a fantastic resource for finding things to watch whether they’re entertaining or educational. And while our own YouTube channel is what you should be watching there are plenty of other YouTube channels that provide superior overlanding related content. Just typing in overlanding and you’ll get a multitude of different channels. So who exactly do you subscribe to? Below are some of our favorite YouTube channels that put out consist quality content. Expedition Overland Expedition Overland continues to put out probably some of the best overlanding related content that can be found on YouTube. With over 113,000 subscribers and

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Fortune Bay Expedition Team Overland Driving and Techniques 2 Course

On 06 May 2017, Fortune Bay Expedition Team (FBET) ran their Overland Driving and Technique Level 2 course. This course is intended for those of any level of overlanding experience. Per their description, they cover vehicle performance, using a spotter, towing, off camber driving, mud, sand, obstacles, washes and ditches, recovery methods, and group/team driving. Moving Past The Basics It is important to note that FBET runs an Overland Travel 1 course, which is classroom oriented and covers expedition planning, gear, requirements, tips, and more. That class was extensive in what one generally considers “overlanding”. Much of this was not

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Being Ready to Adventure With a Premade Go Box

How often do you finish work on a Friday and think, I just don’t want to go home? Instead, you’d rather just hop on the highway and find some adventure. Having a premade go box and ready items in your vehicle allow this to become a reality. The go box is stocked with everything you might need for an overnight or weekend adventure and can be easily restocked once you’ve traveled back to your home base. The ready gear is items that can be easily stowed out of the way even during day-to-day travel. There are potentially two ways to

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hammock camping

The Ultimate Hang: An Illustrated Guide to Hammock Camping Book Review

Very early on in my hammock camping days, I thought I knew it all. How hard could it be, it’s just a hammock. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Different ways to sleep? Set up the rain fly differently depending on weather? What do you mean not just over the hammock? Staying warm isn’t easy? That’s when I started following Derek Hansen. Derek is a lightweight backpacker, Scoutmaster, and hammock enthusiast who runs the website The Ultimate Hang and has authored a book by the same name. The website has tons of hammock reviews, trip reports, and tips on hammock

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suburban overlanding rig

Rig Selection and Why I Chose Mine

In 2010 I had a 2002 Chevy Tahoe and was able to comfortably transport myself, my wife, two kids, a large dog, and all the gear necessary for everyone without an issue. We did get to a point where I thought a roof rack was going to be necessary, but never went forward with it. Fast forward to now and my family has grown by one. We purchased a brand new van in 2015 and I soon realized that it might not be big enough for everyone either. With all the kids, dog, and packed stuff we were pushing the

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The Built Versus Bought Dilemma

An Op-Ed article from contributor Asa Lee Meadows on the built versus bought dilemma. It was January 2, New Year’s day off (Observed).  Having just moved up to Michigan a few months ago and noticed the greater number of deer present I decided that it was time to switch out my ARB stubby bumper for a full-width AEV bumper that I used to run on my 2012 JK. With the 2014, I had thought about just trimming the fenders myself, which would have looked better with the stubby. I’m glad I waited a few months to see how I liked

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podcasts to listen to

Overlanding Podcasts to Scratch that Travel Itch (Updated)

Most of us have to hold down jobs, have families, or just aren’t lucky enough to be able to make overlanding and adventure travel our life. There’s plenty of video resources to satiate these needs, but if you have a longer than average drive to and from work then the following podcasts may help curb the travel bug. When not out on the trails getting our dose of Mother Nature, we’re more than likely thinking about the next adventure, the next upgrade to our rig, the next and newest piece of gear we’ve got our eyes on. These podcasts can

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overlanding related magazines

Required Reading: Overlanding Magazines

There are plenty of resources for overlanding content. Just do a Google search for overlanding and you’ll be met with an imposing wall of websites, YouTube channels, Instagram feeds, and much more. Books are probably the primary place for adventure related content but don’t count out magazines. Recently, a rash of overlanding magazines seems to be grabbing purchase, with some being solely dedicated to the subject. Outdoorx4 Outdoorx4 is the first magazine to consider when looking strictly for overlanding related content. While only published 6 times annual and being relatively small in size, Outdoorx4 does a terrific job of covering

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