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XPDN2 Upper Peninsula Adventure Recap via Fresh Coast Offroad

Below is a recap from Aaron Marquis and Paul Wisniewski from Fresh Coast Offroad of the XPDN2 Upper Peninsula Adventure. All included pictures were taken by All-Pro Offroad, Jim Roy, Fresh Coast Offroad, Ken Farley Jr., and Torq Masters. Links are provided for all of the additional companies, restaurants, and stops throughout the article. Make sure to check them all out and give all of the companies a follow or visit. Below is a list of the sponsors who made this trip happen. Please give them a follow! Headline Sponsor Milestar Tires Website | Instagram | Facebook Title Sponsors  Rancho

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UP Overland Adventure – Day 1

A trip five years in my mind, eight months of planning, spanning six days, including 4 Jeeps, two trailers, six people, and 1390 miles across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has finally come to fruition. Technically day 1 started with the trek from Grand Blanc, Michigan, across the Mackinaw Bridge to my families cabin in Garden Corners, Michigan, but it was pretty boring and uneventful, other than the trip across the bridge and a bit on US-2 West, where we were able to watch a gorgeous sunset. The rest of the trip was in the dark. Day 1 started at 8:30 am,

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The Gear Box: Portable Fire Pits

Fire is important. You’re going to use it to cook or gather everyone around for some beverages. While digging out a fire pit is an option, some companies are offering transportable and versatile fire pits. In this installment of Gear You Deserve we are going to look at some fire pits that are easily transportable and can move with you. Gear You Deserve is a rundown of gear you might be interested in relating to a specific topic. The series highlights equipment that runs from small to large, cheap to expensive, basic to advanced, and leaves it up to you

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mug and press

Stanley Coffee Press and Mug Review

Sometime in the last couple of years, I ordered a new coffee press and mug from Stanley off of Amazon. Full disclosure here, I’ve never used any Stanley products before, but I needed a new travel coffee mug. A quick search brought me to the Stanley Classic One Hand 20oz Vacuum Mug. I also enjoy pressed style coffee, so I wanted something other than a glass French press to add to my adventure gear. I initially included a glass French press in my adventure box but thought better of it. Cleaning up broken glass after bumping down the trails at

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Places To Go: Beaver Island

Places to Go: Beaver Island

There are a good number of islands dotted throughout the Great Lakes. The largest of these being Drummond Island and Isle Royale, both of which are respectable adventuring spots. However, one island in Lake Michigan not far off the cost from Charlevoix has a strange history. Accessible by boat or plane, Beaver Island, has now become a favorite place for finding adventure and planning a vacation. The Places to Go series explores adventure related points of interest in the state of Michigan. We are highlighting everything from the large to small, the known to the unknown. If it’s interesting, we

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Lynxx chainsaw

Lynxx Chainsaw Review

When it comes to gathering wood for a fire, what’s the first thing you grab? An axe? A hand saw? Maybe it’s a high-powered 2 stroke chainsaw fit for a logger. What if I told you there was an option that can process wood as fast as that 2 stroke, but that is no louder than an idling rig. In this review we are going over the Lynxx 40 v Chainsaw ($179.99) from Harbor Freight. Specs 40 v lithium-ion battery 2.5 Ah 60 min charge time Weight 13.35 lbs Features Chain oiler Chain break that cuts power to motor Tool-less

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Triple Aught Design Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: Triple Aught Design (TAD)

No good adventure should be compromised because of gear that doesn’t stand up to what it needs to. Whether it’s gear, clothing, or anything you carry with you, it needs to hold up. Triple Aught Design (TAD) checks the box when it comes to the apparel and gear you take on the road and adventure with. Early Years Founded in 1997, but not becoming a company until 2010, TAD has provided exceptional quality apparel in the years since. Their approach to crafting high quality, military grade apparel makes them one of the most sought after companies for adventure apparel that

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destination kitchen packed up

GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set Review

GSI is known for making outdoors cooking and mess gear. They make everything from beverage holders to cooking kits in various forms. From backpacking specific to car camping gear, they’ve probably got you covered. And at a reasonable price also. I’ve got two cook sets from them, the Haululite Dualist and the Haululite Ketalist. I’ve wanted to add a utensil set for a while now, and I finally got the chance when Field & Stream was running a sale on the 24 piece Outdoor Destination Kitchen Set. The Case The case itself zips up all the way around allowing for

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Camp Chef Camp Oven Review

Imagine you’ve been on the trail for hours, searching for the perfect spot to camp. Finally, you find it, the best campsite you have ever seen! There is just one thing that could make it better, cinnamon rolls! This is something we’ve been able to do, ever since we got a Camp Chef Camp Oven two years ago. With the addition of the Camp Oven to our overlanding arsenal, the on-trail menu has expanded tremendously. Fuel and Power The oven is fueled by propane, either with a 1LB or a larger tank, when combined with an available hose. Using a

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OB23: Protecting The Environment

As people who enjoy being outdoors, we also want to maintain the trails and woods we populate so frequently. This means leaving them in as good, or better condition than we found them and protecting the environment. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing piles of trash left at a campsite, on the side of a trail, or damage deliberately done by people. Trails have been known to be closed down to the public because of these things continually happening. There are some principles that can be followed in order to facilitate long-term usage of trail systems for overlanding and

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OB22: Documenting Your Trip

While the intent is to get out and connect with nature, you may want to have some memories of what you did and where you went. Documenting your trip can be a vital part of that connection and keeping the good memories fresh in your mind. There are several ways to go about this. Some may prefer the simplest way possible, and some might want to document everything through photos or video. Photography Taking photos is probably the main way to document the trip. Most folks have cell phones available and can easily jump out to take pictures as things

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OB21: Off Vehicle Activities

Adventuring and overlanding go hand-in-hand. You may spend the day driving to a secluded spot to fish or drop in your kayak. Maybe you’ll be camping near some biking trails and want to get a ride in. Any of these scenarios is possible and more. Overlanders often enjoy being active in other activities as well. Having a rig capable of carrying the necessary gear makes it a breeze to carry along equipment for your favorite off vehicle activities. Warm Weather Activities The warm weather allows for the most engagement outdoors. There are tons of things to do once the snow

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OB20: Travel and Security

Understanding travel and security issues within the United States and abroad is important. While traveling within the Continental United States (CONUS) is much safer than Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS), there are downsides and drawbacks to both. The best way to stay safe is to make sure you are traveling with correct documentation, camping in secure locations, and locking up and securing your valuable items. Documentation to Carry There are several pieces of documentation that are good to carry whether traveling CONUS or OCONUS. You should always have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance readily available. While some

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