Overlanders Christmas Wishlist: Kind of Under $100

If you’re looking for a budget friendly Christmas Wishlist most of these items are either under $100 or right around $100. Nothing here is wildly out of control when it comes time to make a purchase.

Food & Drink

The first thing that comes to mind in this category is some dehydrated food, which can come in a variety of ways. The best option is to probably purchase 9-12 premade just add water bags of Mountain House (can’t go wrong with chicken teriyaki), Backpacker’s Pantry (Pad Thai is great), or Alpine Aire (the chicken burrito bowl is great with a little bit of hot sauce). If your overlander likes to cook up some of their own food, then Harmony House offers some great do it yourself alternative with their Backpacking Kit. There are also easy to stow and make hot drink options with Nature’s Kettle. Offering tea, cider, hot chocolate, and refillable coffee pouches these can be a great and easy to brew alternative for a hot beverage.

Some Good Dehydrated Food Options.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t say that any good craft beer would be a fantastic gift (can you tell we love good beer?). Being in Michigan, the current undisputed capital of craft beer, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from and you really can’t go wrong with a local breweries offerings. Some of our all-time favorites include Founder’s Breakfast Stout, Rochester Mills Milkshake Stout, Mountain Town Brewing Train Wreck Ale, and so much more (feel free to get a hold of us, we love talking beer). You’ll have to hit up your local beer store in order to buy these ones, but we’re pretty sure the overlander in your life will thank you.

Some Other Great Michigan Brewed Beers to Consider.

Jerky is another great alternative when out on the road, not just for a snack but also to have in your rig as emergency food. The shelf life isn’t as long as the dehydrated food, but it’ll keep awhile as long as it’s stored correctly and not opened. Some of our favorites are variety packs of Jack Links, Perky Jerky (a great Gluten free alternative), and Krave. You could also find something along the lines of Man Crate’s Premium Jerky Ammo Can ($49.99), Jerky Heart ($29.99), or the Booze-Infused Jerkygram ($39.99).

Images Courtesy of Man Crates. From Left to Right: Alcohol Infused Jerky, Ammo Can, and Jerky Heart.

A Subscription

There are two different types of subscriptions we are going to cover in this category: magazines and subscription boxes. We recently did an article on our required reading for overlanding magazines and we’ll reiterate a bit of that here. The market for overlanding magazines hasn’t taken off as much as we would like, but there are some good magazines that cover overlanding content and even a few dedicated strictly to overlanding. Overland Journal ($45 for quarterly issues), OutdoorX4 ($25 for 6 issues), and Tread ($7.99 digital or $8.99 physical per issue) cover outdoor vehicle-based adventure exclusively and are excellent choices with top-notch content. Wheels Afield ($10 per issue) is a mixed bag of adventuring content that covers overlanding, hunting, and fishing adventures in one beautifully put together magazine. Recoil ($90 for 12 issues) and Offgrid ($90 for 12 issues) cover overlanding sporadically in their issues, but they have a wealth of information on survival and gun related topics. All of the are great choices for the overlander in your life who enjoys reading.

Tread, OutdoorX4, Wheels Afield, Recoil, Offgrid, and Bugout Magazines.

The other option we’re going to present is a subscription box company. What started off as mostly beauty products have spawned an ever-expanding market for a unique subscription item that includes outdoors related items as well. While there isn’t a dedicated overlanding box subscription yet, there are several to choose from that are strictly outdoors related. Our first box,

Our first box, Cairn,  provides subscribers with a monthly box of outdoors-related gear and food for $25 per month. The next two options, Apocabox and Battlbox, offer subscribers survival and tactical gear every month. Apocabox offers a monthly subscription that totals to $50 per box plus $10 in shipping. Battlbox has four levels of subscription starting at $25 and going up to $150 with each level adding more and more gear to an already awesome box. The fourth Battlbox tier adds want essential turns into a knife of the month club. The last option we are going to put in here was mentioned above and that is Man Crates. Man Crates offers a good variety of actual wooden crates packed with gear or food or gadgets for the overlander in your life. We recommend checking out their Alcohol & Barware, Food, and Outdoor categories.

Softgoods and Everything Else

We’ll start this section off by telling you to go ahead and jump over to Sackwear’s website and buy the overlander in your life some of their awesome t-shirts. Go ahead, we can wait. Back? Okay, how awesome are those t-shirts? If you need some recommendations we’d go with the Team Overland, OutdoorX4 100 Series, or the Sackwear Tacoma t-shirt. Really though you can’t go wrong with anything Sackwear offers. Make sure to grab some of their patches and stickers as well.

Images Courtesy of Sackwear. From Left to Right Team Overland, Taco, and OutdooX4 T-Shirts.

Another great offering for apparel is Overland Textile Co. with their Land Rover Defender, Jeep JKU, and Essentials t-shirts. They also offer a beautifully crafted notebook cover (which unfortunately is out of stock) that would work perfectly with our next two suggestions.

Images Courtesy of Overland Textile Co. From Left to Right Essentials, Land Rover Defender, and Jeep JKU T-Shirts.

If the overlander in your life prefers still writing about their adventures with traditional pen or pencil then Word/Bradley Mountain Adventure Log notebook and the Field Notes Expedition notebook are a great addition to any rig. The Adventure Log is a purpose designed notebook to track all of the adventures you’ve been on. The second option has slightly more rugged usage in mind as its rip/tear proof pages fill the book with a dot grid page to capture all aspects of adventuring.

Our Favorite Notebooks for Adventuring: Field Notes Grid, Expedition, and The Adventure Log.

The last two items we are going to mention are more stocking stuffer or add-on items. The first is stickers. Yup, that’s right, stickers. Check out most overlanding rigs and you’ll find stickers of all kinds. Most gear manufacturers offer them and just about every overlanding group in existence has their own. Pick up some for your overlander to proudly display on their rig. The last option we’re going to mention is good old-fashioned paper maps. Digital representations on a tablet or phone are great, but nothing beats out a beautifully put together map that has to be folded out in order to look at it.

A Sampling Stickers and Patches.

That’s it for the Kind of Under $100 ideas. If you’re looking to spend some more, make sure to check out the other three categories in our introduction article.


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