Overlanders Christmas Wish List: Well Over $1,000

You’ve read our budget article and in between $100 and $1,000 Christmas Wish List articles so now it’s time to move on to our extravagant category. Similar to our last article, most of this will be suggestions with some specifics thrown in if they’re applicable. Purchasing something in this category means you have an understanding of what your overlander might need for their and are willing to spend the money on it. You certainly don’t want to spend $1,000 or more on one of these items only to find out it won’t fit or work with their rig. The best thing to do with these items might be to spill the beans on your plans and talk specifics with your overlander before purchasing something.

Roof Top Tent

We mentioned a roof top tent in our last article and if the overlander in your life is ready to move up to this from a ground tent or hammock then be prepared to spend a minimum of $1,000 or more on one to fit their specific needs. As the overlanding movement picks up speed roof top tent companies are becoming more and more prevalent, making choosing one that fits a cumbersome task. The Adventure Portal has a great write-up on a large number of companies that are currently making roof top tents. Before purchasing, make sure you do your homework on what your rig can handle and the types of situations you might be camping in. There are a number of advantages to investing in a roof top tent, the least not being the comfort. Most roof top tents will accommodate an actual mattress as opposed to using a blow-up mattress or ground pad in a tent or hammock, meaning you can have a sleeping experience as if you never left home. Being off the ground can certainly help maintain a better sense of security when overlanding in parts where wild animals are known to roam.

roof top tent
Image Courtesy of CVT.

Roof Cargo/Safari Rack/Basket

The next option here of a roof cargo/safari rack might go along with a roof top tent and if your overlander needs more storage in their rig. Whatever you call it, the definition and function are the same, that being a metal cargo area, whether flat or with side walls, that is mounted to the roof to provide exterior storage for items. There are plenty of companies selling racks so finding one that fits your overlander’s rig shouldn’t be an issue; however, each one is not created equal. If versatility and options are something they’d be interested in, the going with a company like Front Runner Outfitters might be preferential. Their racks are probably the most versatile available with options ranging from sports related mounts for bikes and kayaks to camp and storage mounts for propane tanks and tools. If versatility isn’t something your overlander is interested in and just wants a basic rack then the Surco brand of roof racks fit just about every vehicle. They are the basic option and offer nothing special other than the ability to mount a few tools or spare tire.

4runner frontrunner roof rack
Image Courtesy of Front Runner Outfitters.

Rig Armor and Suspension Upgrades

When talking about armor we’re talking about bumpers, sliders, and covers to protect underneath a rig. Depending on the type of vehicle your overlander uses will mean the difference between being able to purchase a pre-made item versus possibly having to have something fabricated. Most vehicles can easily be configured with a heavy-duty front or rear bumper with no problem, but once you start wanting to customize you may run into issues. Much like the roof top tent, this is something you may want to talk about prior to purchasing as these items can reach well into the thousands of dollars. Another thing to consider when purchasing armor is the overall impact it will have on weight. Adding front and/or rear bumpers can significantly increase the overall vehicle weight and have a suspension that isn’t capable of having the extra weight added may mean another upgrade is coming. Upgrading a rig with armor may mean upgrading the vehicle’s suspension to compensate for the overall weight increase as well.

sportsmobile adventure van
Image Courtesy of Motor Trend.

A Winch

Yet another item with hundreds of possibilities and brands to choose from; however, this is one item where spending the money can mean the difference between a long-lasting safeguard for your overlander or an unreliable and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. A vehicle winch is not something that should be bought at any store. Instead, make sure you’ve done your homework and know exactly what you are after before making this purchase.

An Adventure Trailer

An adventure trailer is not the same thing as a regular utility trailer or even a camper. Adventure trailers are designed specifically with off-roading in mind and have very little features outside of what is necessary for overlanding. These types of trailers are going the same way as roof top tents are with companies popping up with sudden frequency. Again, The Adventure Portal has done the homework for everyone with an awesome article detailing a huge list of trailer companies. As with everything else on this list, figure out what is features and necessities are needed before purchasing because this is probably the most costly selection on here. Trailers can start as low as $5,000 and easily reach up above $10,000.

adventure trailer
Image Courtesy of Adventure Trailers.

That’s it for our well over $1,000 category. Make sure to check out the other categories in our introduction article.

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