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Michigan Made: Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts

Michigan has a strong base of small businesses that create a wide range of state-related goods. In this Michigan Made we take a look at Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts, two retailers with a diverse array of products, online presence, and traditional brick and mortar stores that fulfill that need for Michigan branded goods.


Peninsulas have strong roots in Michigan, and it shows in the merchandise they sell. With two locations in Berkley, Cross Village, and retailers all over the state who carry their merchandise you probably can’t get far without seeing something they’ve had a hand in creating. Their wares are high quality and well-designed pieces that you can wear, showcase in your home, or give as a gift.

peninsulas front page

The beautifully designed front page for Peninsulas.

The dedication they show to our state has paid off as well as they were recently named one of the official merchandise providers for the Michigan State Parks. Proceeds from sales of State Park merchandise goes to the DNR to help maintain and improve trails, waterways, and parks in the Lower Peninsula. We highly recommend heading over to their website or visiting one of their stores and picking up some merchandise.

state park branded

State park branded apparel, stickers, and gear.

Yooper Shirts

If the Lower Peninsulas has a steward of the parks, then so does the Upper Peninsula. Yooper Shirts filled that role and was named the official merchandiser for the Upper Peninsulas with the same goal in mind. Located in Marquette, Yooper Shirts deals in soft goods that help you rep the Great Lake State year round.

winter surfing front page

Winter surfing is a thing here in Michigan.

The collection that helps the DNR maintain trails should not be overlooked as there is something for everyone. That’s not the only thing they offer though with everything from a full 906 branded line to some Michigan scented candles. There is no shortage of soft goods to be had. Definitely check them out and make sure to help keep our trails looking good.

906 branded line

The 906 line of shirts, sweatshirts, and everything else to help you rep the UP.

Read the DNR article naming Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts partners with the DNR to help support our trail system.


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