Michigan is known for automotive innovation. Several of the worlds largest automotive companies have headquarters in and around the state. Large companies are not all the state has to offer though. A good number of smaller companies are making their mark in the automotive aftermarket arena as well. While overlanding in Michigan is starting to gain traction, there are still not a lot of businesses offering overland specific gear. In this Michigan Made we are going to recommend four overland specific small businesses you should follow and support.

There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses in Michigan. With the Michigan Made series we try and highlight the ones that stick out as unique, offer interesting products to purchase, or relate to adventuring in general. Always support local!

New Holland Overland Co.

As far as we know, there are no companies in Michigan doing what New Holland Overland Co. is doing. Their currently aiming to corner the market on overland and off-road ready trailers with a small teardrop style trailer. Prototyping is well under and you should definitely follow their Instagram to see the build process.

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Great Lakes Overland Company

Great Lakes Overland Company is relatively new in terms of companies that deal specifically in overland, camping, and expedition gear. The company was started because of a lack of dealers in Western Michigan who offered either vehicle specific parts or even just overland specific gear. Currently they offer gear drop shipped to you from ARB, Old Man Emu, and Warn but are looking to expand further.

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Northstar Overland, LLC

As an official Quake LED, Northstar Overland has you covered if you need lights, lightbars, or accessories. They offer a good range of different sized lightbars and individual lights to choose from with plans to expand into other overland related items as well.

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Action Overland, LLC

Action Overland aims to corner a different type of overlanding market in Michigan. While they’re just getting started, Action Overland is looking to offer training, experience trips, and equipment sales for anyone just getting into or wanting to know what overlanding is all about. Give them a follow on Instagram and keep an eye on their website for future updates.

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