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When I bought my 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, I cheaped out and bought a “sport” instead of a more lavish model. I planned on customizing it anyways, but one thing I wish I had, was a rear power source.

My roof top tent has 12 volts, USB powered lights in it. We also like to charge our phones while we sleep. The tent comes with a power cord to plug into a cigarette lighter, which is a great feature, but being that I only have one dc outlet in the front, the cord hanging in the doorway is sort of in the way. Since I have a tailgate table, and most “in and out” while camping, is done in the rear, I decided a rear mounted dc adapter would be an excellent addition. Easy access to plug-in a power inverter, or charge a phone. It also gives much-needed power to rear seat occupants.

Instead of just a simple cigarette lighter outlet, I decided to go a step further, and add a couple of USB plugs, and a voltage meter as well. I also wired in a simple toggle switch so I could shut it all off easily.

I started by ordering a set of outlets off eBay. I was able to find one that included a cigarette lighter, 2 USB ports, and the voltmeter, as well as a faceplate for them. Once these arrived. I was able to get some measurements and order a “project box” off eBay as well.

I started by drilling holes in the box where everything would go. I then test fit the outlets, volunteer and switch to make sure everything fit. It was very tight, but it fit perfectly. The lock rings for the outlets just barely cleared the inside walls of the box.

I then disassembled the box so I could shoot a few coats of spray bed liner on it. After it was dry (2 days later because I forgot), I reassembled everything again and wired them all up. This was pretty simple. Ground from each one pulled together — power from switch to each port. I ran a coated two wire cable from under the hood, all the way to the back. This is a simple fused positive and ground.

Before I closed the box up, I ran two screws inside of it, to secure it to the rear plastic in the Jeep.

The total project cost was under $50, and it makes a great addition to the Jeep!




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