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Who We Follow: Swellrunner Overland/Jason Koertge

Many may already know him from his YouTube videos or Instagram account. We’ve mentioned Jason Koertge (aka SwellRunner on Instagram) here on the site in our Overlanding YouTube Channels to Watch article. He is quite possibly one of our favorite YouTube channels to watch.

There are hundreds of businesses, websites, and people who create extraordinary content on the internet. These companies and people show us places we haven’t been, the gear we might find useful, or just provide information on how to explore better. The Who We Follow series puts a spotlight on some of the influencers we follow and inspire us to adventure more.

His delivery and editing style is akin to the likes of a Casey Neistat. Now, we aren’t video production connoisseurs, but that seems to be high praise based on what other people say.

Jason’s videos are well put together and easy to watch. His blend of action shots and narrative delivery make them some of the best overlanding/adventure travel videos on YouTube. With the likes of Mountain State Overland and Expedition Overland delivering the best videos. Not many channels put out the same caliber of content that he does.

On top of running a fantastic YouTube channel and Instagram, Jason also owns and runs Blue Swell. Blue Swell is a vacation property rental company currently active in Florida. We say now because there is also a plan in motion to provide the same types of properties in Utah, where Jason is currently residing. So, if you’re in the market for a vacation in Florida, we suggest checking out what’s available.

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Nick Howell

Nick is a lifelong Michigan resident, born and raised. He grew up in Bay City and transplanted to the metro Detroit area after college for work. Seeking more woods and outdoors time, he resolved to get out more. In a spark of creativity, he co-founded Michigan Overland with the intent to travel to parts unknown both within Michigan and abroad.

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