We get a lot of the same questions across all of our social platforms. Here are some of the most common questions and the answers we provide in one simple to read FAQ.

How Do I Get Started In Overlanding

This one is pretty easy. The quick and dirty answer is to grab the gear you have and just go. Drive out into the woods, find a spot to camp, and enjoy. We provide a comprehensive series of articles in our Overlanding Basics posts that cover the ins and outs for people just getting into overlanding.

What Is Dispersed Camping and Is It Allowed in Michigan

Dispersed camping at it’s basic is finding a spot to set up camp on. Michigan does allow dispersed camping in both the state and national forests. However, make sure to check the Michigan DNR website and the Forest Service websites for the rules on dispersed camping in both locations.

Do You Have Some Camp Spots You Can Send Me

No. We take a hard stance on sharing specific camp spots. The whole purpose of overlanding is to get out and explore and find those out of the way spots you can get to and enjoy. If you send us a message we can suggest certain areas to find good spots in.

What Are Some Good YouTube Channels To Watch

YouTube is a great resource for overlanding and adventure related travel. Some of our favorites are Swell Runner, Overland Expedition, Trail Recon, and Last Line of Defense.