Michigan Made: Victory 4×4

Michigan Made: Victory 4x4

JCROffroad is one of the Michigan businesses leading the way when it comes to engineering Jeep parts. And they have been successful at it. A few years back, when we ran their Michigan Made article, we also caught wind of something else they had been cooking up. Victory 4×4 is something not aimed at the Jeep market.There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses in Michigan. With the Michigan Made series we try and highlight the ones that stick out as unique, offer interesting products to purchase or relate to adventuring in general.

From their beginnings, Victory 4×4 made their own way into a market saturated with Toyota parts. Following the same standards as their sister company JCROffroad, Victory 4×4 is providing high quality, overlanding parts to Toyota owners in the form of racks, sliders, and bumpers. The catalog runs the gamut of the Toyota overland rigs with everything necessary for Tundras, Tacomas, and 4Runners. Prices are in-line and often better than what other manufacturers are currently running for the same types of parts.

The Victory 4×4 Tacoma.

As with JCR, Victory 4×4 puts their parts to work on the vehicles they build. Both the Tacoma and Tundra builds embody the overlanding lifestyle. And much like their Jeep builds, they’re beautiful builds that are not overly flashy.

The Victory 4×4 Tundra.

The company slogan of “There & Back” perfectly highlights the journey is the destination mantra so often found in overlanding. The products are designed for that “there & back” again mentality as is reflected in where they go and what they do. If you are in the market for Toyota parts, made in Michigan then Victory 4×4 should be the first place you look.

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Michigan Made: Four Overland Specific Small Businesses You Should Follow

Michigan is known for automotive innovation. Several of the worlds largest automotive companies have headquarters in and around the state. Large companies are not all the state has to offer though. A good number of smaller companies are making their mark in the automotive aftermarket arena as well. While overlanding in Michigan is starting to gain traction, there are still not a lot of businesses offering overland specific gear. In this Michigan Made we are going to recommend four overland specific small businesses you should follow and support.

There are hundreds if not thousands of businesses in Michigan. With the Michigan Made series we try and highlight the ones that stick out as unique, offer interesting products to purchase, or relate to adventuring in general. Always support local!

New Holland Overland Co.

As far as we know, there are no companies in Michigan doing what New Holland Overland Co. is doing. Their currently aiming to corner the market on overland and off-road ready trailers with a small teardrop style trailer. Prototyping is well under and you should definitely follow their Instagram to see the build process.

Follow Them: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Great Lakes Overland Company

Great Lakes Overland Company is relatively new in terms of companies that deal specifically in overland, camping, and expedition gear. The company was started because of a lack of dealers in Western Michigan who offered either vehicle specific parts or even just overland specific gear. Currently they offer gear drop shipped to you from ARB, Old Man Emu, and Warn but are looking to expand further.

Follow Them: Website | Facebook

Northstar Overland, LLC

As an official Quake LED, Northstar Overland has you covered if you need lights, lightbars, or accessories. They offer a good range of different sized lightbars and individual lights to choose from with plans to expand into other overland related items as well.

Follow Them: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Action Overland, LLC

Action Overland aims to corner a different type of overlanding market in Michigan. While they’re just getting started, Action Overland is looking to offer training, experience trips, and equipment sales for anyone just getting into or wanting to know what overlanding is all about. Give them a follow on Instagram and keep an eye on their website for future updates.

Follow Them: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Michigan Made: Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts

peninsulas yooper shirts

Michigan has a strong base of small businesses that create a wide range of state-related goods. In this Michigan Made we take a look at Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts, two retailers with a diverse array of products, online presence, and traditional brick and mortar stores that fulfill that need for Michigan branded goods.


Peninsulas have strong roots in Michigan, and it shows in the merchandise they sell. With two locations in Berkley, Cross Village, and retailers all over the state who carry their merchandise you probably can’t get far without seeing something they’ve had a hand in creating. Their wares are high quality and well-designed pieces that you can wear, showcase in your home, or give as a gift.

peninsulas front page
The beautifully designed front page for Peninsulas.

The dedication they show to our state has paid off as well as they were recently named one of the official merchandise providers for the Michigan State Parks. Proceeds from sales of State Park merchandise goes to the DNR to help maintain and improve trails, waterways, and parks in the Lower Peninsula. We highly recommend heading over to their website or visiting one of their stores and picking up some merchandise.

state park branded
State park branded apparel, stickers, and gear.

Yooper Shirts

If the Lower Peninsulas has a steward of the parks, then so does the Upper Peninsula. Yooper Shirts filled that role and was named the official merchandiser for the Upper Peninsulas with the same goal in mind. Located in Marquette, Yooper Shirts deals in soft goods that help you rep the Great Lake State year round.

winter surfing front page
Winter surfing is a thing here in Michigan.

The collection that helps the DNR maintain trails should not be overlooked as there is something for everyone. That’s not the only thing they offer though with everything from a full 906 branded line to some Michigan scented candles. There is no shortage of soft goods to be had. Definitely check them out and make sure to help keep our trails looking good.

906 branded line
The 906 line of shirts, sweatshirts, and everything else to help you rep the UP.

Read the DNR article naming Peninsulas and Yooper Shirts partners with the DNR to help support our trail system.


Michigan Made: Lost In Michigan

Being based in Michigan we tend to see the same types of photos coming across our social media streams. The dunes, the bridge, the waterfalls, and sunsets. Everyone’s take on Michigan’s iconic landmarks is interesting but what we don’t get to see is what’s not seen every day. Things that aren’t tourist attractions, but we still might find interesting. Lost In Michigan is on a mission to place the spotlight on places that aren’t tourist attractions but still make Michigan what it is. Places off the main roads that take a little more time and planning to get to.

lost in michigan

The body of work presented on the website is the brainchild of Mike Sonnenberg, a photographer based in Saginaw and owner of Huron Photo (we recommend checking out Mike’s portrait work as well). Mike has a tendency to just hop into his Jeep and travel down random roads in search of interesting places and things to photograph. He’s also been doing this for awhile, since mid-2013.

lost in michigan

As overlanders always looking for new places to explore, Mike’s work on Lost In Michigan is a great place to find some new and interesting place to explore. Each photo is accompanied by a write-up that includes some trip report language and historical information on the place if it’s available. Make sure to check out Lost In Michigan and Huron Photo and support #michiganmade.

Michigan Made: Under The Radar

under the radar

One of the things we try to do here at Michigan Overland is to promote some of the people, places, and things that make Michigan great. While we’re rather new to this, Under the Radar has been creating video content for PBS for 7 seasons. They’re pretty seasoned and they do a fantastic job. They are the original purveyors of the Michigan Made mentality we strive for.

Host Tom Daldin visits a unique aspect of Michigan with each episode, which is not limited to one type of place. Each episode finds Daldin trying out something new and unique in our beloved state. Whether it’s eating pie in Traverse City, visiting a candy shop in Bay City, or visiting an ax and tool company in Grand Rapids Daldin makes it interesting.

The shows reach, however, has gone beyond just Michigan with Under the Radar airing in Ohio, Wisconsin, and into a huge audience in Canada. The hard work Daldin and crew have put into the show has paid off with 3 Michigan Emmy wins. Definitely head over to their site and watch some episodes or purchase some Under the Radar gear (we recommend the mustache key chain) to help keep this show going.