Camp Chef Camp Oven Review

Imagine you’ve been on the trail for hours, searching for the perfect spot to camp. Finally, you find it, the best campsite you have ever seen! There is just one thing that could make it better, cinnamon rolls! This is something we’ve been able to do, ever since we got a Camp Chef Camp Oven two years ago. With the addition of the Camp Oven to our overlanding arsenal, the on-trail menu has expanded tremendously.

camp chef camp over inside
The inside of the Camp Chef Camp Over.

Fuel and Power

The oven is fueled by propane, either with a 1LB or a larger tank, when combined with an available hose. Using a 1LB tank has its limitations, only letting the oven get up to 350F for 7 hours. While using a larger tank will allow it to reach 400F. No matter what tank size you use, the oven will still produce 3,000BTUs/hr and the two brass range burners will do 7,500BTUs/hr.

traditional stove burners
The top has traditional burners for cooking on.


bulk tank hose adapter allows you to extend cooking time with a larger propane tank. The deluxe oven carry bag provides a weather resistant cover, with padding to keep things safe. The mountain series steel griddle and outdoor oven pizza stone give you alternate cooking surfaces. These last two turn the range into a flat steel griddle perfect for eggs and give the oven a flat surface great for bread and pizza.

Personal Thoughts

After owning this oven for as long as I have, I feel like I can share my honest thoughts on the product. First off, I haven’t been nice to it. Saying that it has held up surprisingly well. The only casualties were two of the rubber feet breaking off. It was nice to find that Camp Chef does offer replacement parts on anything you could break. You can find a parts catalog here.

Something I wish we had purchased was the Deluxe Oven Carry Bag. As of now, I let it bounce around in the bed of my truck, and it would be nice to have some protection for the oven glass. I did buy the Bulk Tank Hose Adapter, and I don’t think we could live without it. It’s been great not having to worry about how many 1LB tanks I should bring along. Especially on a week-long trek on the back roads of the Upper Peninsula. With one 20LB tank, we made two meals a day and heated water for coffee and tea for nine days!

One thing we’ve noticed that’s kind of annoying is that the oven seems to take forever to heat up. Depending on the weather, you may be waiting an hour or so for the oven to heat to temperature. This is more prominent when you are trying to use a burner and the oven, at the same time. What I’ve also noticed is the thermometer is slightly off, and it can be a little inconvenient being unable to set the oven to a specific temperature. You may need to cook your food slightly longer in the oven to make up for inconsistent temps. But in the end, it is camping, and I usually don’t plan on making anything that needs to be in the oven for more than 30 minutes.

All in all, I do enjoy using the Camp Chef Camp Oven over a traditional camp stove. The ability to make things like garlic bread, pizza rolls, or even cookies on a cold night, makes our on-trail home feel more like a real home.

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