Overlanding Podcasts to Scratch that Travel Itch (Updated)

podcasts to listen to

Most of us have to hold down jobs, have families, or just aren’t lucky enough to be able to make overlanding and adventure travel our life. There’s plenty of video resources to satiate these needs, but if you have a longer than average drive to and from work then the following podcasts may help curb the travel bug. When not out on the trails getting our dose of Mother Nature, we’re more than likely thinking about the next adventure, the next upgrade to our rig, the next and newest piece of gear we’ve got our eyes on. These podcasts can help plan the next trip or purchase the next piece of gear.

Overland Bound Podcast

The latest entry into the overlanding podcasting foray is Overland Bound. If you aren’t familiar with Overland Bound then head over to their website and check them out. They do good things and are fantastic ambassadors for the overlanding community. Michael and Corrie started out doing videos (they still do) so I supposed moving into the audio realm was a logical step. Start off with their founding principles podcast, episode #2. It will give you a good idea of what they stand for and what they strive to accomplish in the overlanding community.

The 4×4 Podcast

The 4×4 Podcast is currently the best resource for overlanding related podcasts. Craig, Dan, and Rich all have extensive backgrounds off-roading (all over the United States) in some capacity or another and with well over 100 episodes under their belt, this group of adventurers provides listeners with off-roading related information, news, interviews, and so much more content. Episodes range in time from 20 minutes up to over an hour depending on the topics of discussion.

The 4×4 Earth Podcast

The 4×4 Earth Podcast is based out of Australia and has a relatively small library of podcasts coming in at only 20 as of this writing. Where the 4×4 Podcast was more news oriented, The 4×4 Earth Podcast provides listeners with stories of overlanding and how-to’s. It’s a good amount of content and the podcast episodes range in time from 30 minutes up to more than an hour of overlanding and travel related goodness.

Overland Roundtable

Overland Roundtable is not a regularly released podcast like the first two options. Rather, the aim of the podcast is to get together overlanders from all over the United States to discuss topics related to overlanding, tell stories, and drop some overlanding knowledge. The podcast is run and moderated by Dan Cole who also runs The 4×4 Podcast. Currently there are only eight episodes available and you’re likely to listen through these relatively quick as none of them exceed 45 minute mark.

The Overlanding Podcast

The Overlanding Podcast is a relatively new podcast by a husband and wife duo who have traveled extensively in phases that have taken them to Scandinavia, Russia, and Mongolia in phase one; Morocco and western Sahara in phase 2; and Europe, Central Asia, and South East Asia in phase 3. In addition to the new podcast, they have a terrific blog entitled Around the World in 800 Days with years worth of terrific content. Much like Overland Roundtable, The Overlanding Podcast only comes in at eight episodes, with the first six being quick listens at roughly 30 minutes apiece. The two newest episodes are well over an hour and episode eight features the guys from Oregon Trail Off Road (if you haven’t seen their YouTube series give it a view).