The Preparedness Triangle Overview

There are plenty of resources available to get a good understanding of preparedness. There are also varying levels of being prepared that you may or may not be aware of. Most people who overland are relying on what they have in their vehicles to survive for the time they are out adventuring. This gives a […]

The Preparedness Triangle: Everyday Carry

As a quick overview, Everyday Carry, or EDC, are essential items that a person carries on them from day-to-day. I mentioned the three items that most people have every day in the preparedness triangle overview article. Outside of those three main things, several other things should be considered for an EDC loadout. While your EDC […]

The Preparedness Triangle: Vehicle Every Day Carry

Vehicle Everyday Carry (VEDC) expands greatly on what you carry on your person as well as keeps you prepared for events beyond what a traditional EDC would prepare you for. In my case, most of what I might need in the event of an emergency is already in my vehicle. My additional VEDC ends up […]

The Preparedness Triangle: Get Home and Bail Out Bag

The next part of the triangle deals with having to leave a location and move on foot from A to B. Whether that’s from work to home or from a location in the woods to the nearest road. A Get Home Bag (GHB) and Bail Out Bag (BOB) are for similar situations but set up […]

The Preparedness Triangle: Shelter in Place and Not Coming Home

The last and bottom part of my preparedness triangle is going to be a subjective one. As mentioned in the overview, this is going to come down to personal preference and what your plan is for emergency scenarios. The bottom part has two options, shelter in place (SIP) and not coming home (NCH). All of […]