The Only 2019 Ford Ranger Review That Matters

The Ford Ranger isn’t something we had considered when shopping for mid-size trucks to replace our current rig. Outside Magazine author Wes Siler makes a compelling argument for the Ranger and why it should be considered.

For decades, American truck enthusiasts have looked to Australia and wished that its rugged, built-for-the-outback pickups would eventually make their way over here. Well, finally Australia’s

Source: The Only 2019 Ford Ranger Review That Matters

Lexus Unveils GXOR Concept

All of the major car manufacturers seem to be getting in on the overland scene right now. Lexus is no exception and this new overland GX concept is right at the top of the list of awesome OEM made overlanders. Check out the Expo Portal link below for more info.

When Lexus launched the GX back in 2003, I doubt that anyone on their team would have guessed it was destined to become one of the overland industry’s most popular platforms. It was comfortable, quiet, and refined, not the sort of vehicle you’d select to kick up dust on an old backroad.

Source: Lexus Unveils GXOR Concept