Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Overlanding Dad In Your Life

Father’s day is just a week away. If you have an overlanding dad (a DadVerlander or OverDadder as we have coined them) in your life and are unsure of what to get him, we’ve got you covered with some ideas below.

Subscription Box

There are a good number of subscription boxes available these days. You can get one for just about any hobby or thing you like. But, your dad is an overlander. Which probably means he enjoys gear. So go with a subscription box that deals exclusively with gear. Below are some suggestions on what we think he’d dig.


Battlbox is the grand-daddy of gear subscription boxes. Not many have had the staying power that they’ve had. Each month dad can receive one of three different tiered themed boxes from Battlbox. The theme is the same, but depending on the tier, you either get more or less gear.


If your dad isn’t that into tactical gear, you can always go with a subscription box like Carin. Cairn offers more outdoors related gear rather than focusing on straight survival, shooting, or tactical gear. They come in at a low $29.95 per month and have been one of the longest-running outdoor gear boxes.


TacPack deals more on the end of those who like to shoot and are into tactical gear. They offer one tier at $49.95 per month box that delivers all of the shooting, EDC, and tactical related gear right to your door.

A Watch

You can’t go wrong with a good watch for adventuring. Make sure it’s something sturdy, durable, and able to withstand a beating.

An Overly Expensive Cooler

That’s right. We went ahead and said it. Get him an overly expensive cooler. Yeti makes some good ones. Despite the price, there is a difference between these and your run of the mill Coleman. These coolers are designed to keep ice well and food and beverages cold for days. If it’s in the budget, go one step further and get him a refrigerator. No ice required and food and beverages can be kept for weeks at a time.


Maybe he’s been eyeballing some medical courses. Or a shooting class. Or maybe even an overlanding specific course. Either way, you can’t go wrong by signing him for something you know will be invaluable to him while on the trail. Below are some suggestions on where and what to get them.

Keep & Bear

Keep & Bear offers several different types of training. Primarily they run CPL and handgun-related courses aimed at first-time shooters. From there, you can step it up into some more advanced courses dealing with topics like personal protection.


What Keep & Bear doesn’t offer, MDFI probably does. MDFI runs a whole spectrum of courses. Everything from basic handgun and carbine up to advanced courses in shoot houses. Definitely worth checking out if dad is into that sort of thing.

Medical Training

First aid training can go a long way in making sure he stays safe while he’s out. Look up what’s available at your local Red Cross as a starter and then step it up into something more advanced.

Fieldcraft Mobility

This one is located outside of Michigan but well worth looking into. Fieldcraft Mobility offers two different overland related courses. They both cover a variety of topics from rig maintenance, gear, first aid, and survival topics.

Ask Him To Go Camping

This may seem the mushy and sentimental route, but I bet he’d love it. Better yet, plan the whole thing and just take him. Possibly to somewhere he hasn’t been before or might be on his bucket list of places to visit.