OB22: Documenting Your Trip

While the intent is to get out and connect with nature, you may want to have some memories of what you did and where you went. Documenting your trip can be a vital part of that connection and keeping the good memories fresh in your mind. There are several ways to go about this. Some may prefer the simplest way possible, and some might want to document everything through photos or video.


Taking photos is probably the main way to document the trip. Most folks have cell phones available and can easily jump out to take pictures as things happen. In order to capture the best possible photos though, it might worth investing in some good camera equipment. Adventure travel and overlanding are good ways to practice photography as a hobby if that’s something you would be interested in.


Video takes some more preparation than taking photos. Deciding what shots to get, what angles, and how to present things takes some planning. In the end, it can pay off with hours of footage to look back on. Hanging out the window of a moving vehicle is obviously not a safe way to capture footage. Having a few different small action cameras on hand to capture different shot angles goes a long way. Most new photo cameras also shoot hi-res video, so if you are in the market for a new camera, this may be one way to document through photos and video.


Writing down the day’s events is a good way to capture those small details that photos and videos might not get. It’s also a good way to clear your brain of all that has happened so you can rest at the end of a long day. If you are putting together a video of the trip, it can also serve as a possible narration of what is being presented on the screen.

Lessons Learned

Part of being prepared is always to evaluate what gear you have, how well it worked and adjusting it from there. Documenting some lessons learned during your and after your trip can identify these areas. This allows you to make adjustments to how you do things. Making you more efficient at doing things such as setting up camp or prepping food.